At Artisan Island, we love celebrating the natural creativity and curiosity of kids to spend time building, learning, exploring and creating their own imaginative worlds and adventures!
This is why we are dedicated to providing children with educational wooden toys that are designed for imaginative and active play.

“Play, is the work of the child.” – Maria Montessori

Inspired deeply by the concepts of Maria Montessori, Artisan Island was founded on the principles of ‘hands-on learning’. As educators and parents, we understand how important it is that we occupy our kids hands and minds with fun, creative and educational toys that will help nurture them into well-rounded, intelligent and independent adults. .

This is why we design our own toys that are safe for children and inspire kids to play, learn and most importantly, have fun!

All our products help support Sri Lanka’s environment and talented artisan communities. Our toys are made using only sustainable raw materials like rubber wood, non-toxic paints and ethical manufacturing standards.

At Artisan Island, we don’t just make great toys – we create memories, experiences and adventures that will last a lifetime!


Innovative Wooden Toys for Kids

Innovative Products

Our mission is to support families and teachers in creating enriching, exciting and engaging learning experiences for kids, at home and in the classroom! Each toy is designed with much care and thought, to aid in the development; and foster social, emotional and cognitive skills in children. These aides can even be used to assist in special needs education.

Hand Crafted

Every product you purchase from Artisan Island has been hand crafted by a Sri Lankan artisan. The island has a long tradition and history of some of the finest wood working in the world and with your help, we do our part to sustain the livelihoods of these talented craftspeople and their communities. From the cutting, sanding, sealing to the final painting of the toy, our skilled craftsmen work towards creating a heirloom toy that will be enjoyed for generations..

Handcrafted Wooden Toys


We believe that play is central to a child’s development, and that choosing the right toys can have a tremendously positive impact. This is why we choose to create durable, affordable, educational and engaging toys that children will love for years! Our hope is to inspire young minds to reach their potetntial through meaningful play!


As parents ourselves, we understand the stress in making the right choices when it comes to our kids safety. Children are at the heart and soul of what we do, and safety is always our top priority! All our products aresafe for play and we only use sustainable materials (such as rubber wood) and non-toxic paints.

Wooden Toys with Safety Standards